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Digital Citizenship

At Woodson ISD we strive not only to prepare our students with knowledge of subjects and curriculum but to help them make smart decisions in the digital world they live in today.  Digital Citizenship is defined as responsible behavior with regard to technology use.  Essentially, any technology users in today's time need to be aware that what they share to others becomes a "footprint" or "tattoo" of who they are to others online.  This is not limited to what they themselves put online, as many events and bits of information about a person can be researched and found with little effort. Whether it is good or bad, whether the individual placed it online or someone else placed it out there for them, what a person does during their lives will now be accessible to others in the present and in the future. What information is available is defined by how an individual represents themselves both online and offline.


Our goal is to help educate our students, no matter their age, on how to responsibly present themselves in a positive manner to those on the outside looking in. A key question we like to ask is "How would you like to be remembered?"